Urium VORS Palo Cortado 50cl


The Palo Cortado to beat all Palo Cortados (in our humble opinion)

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Product Description

VORS sherries must have a minimum average age of 30 years.  Urium VORS sherries have been aged for an average of 45 years - they are the jewels of the Urium bodega.

The VORS Palo Cortado is the sherry that inspired us to begin Sherry Boutique in the first place - that's how good it is!  It has the classic resin and polish flavours that typify Palo Cortado, along with candied nuts, spices and dried fruits. Interesting herbal notes and a lovely smokiness on the finish.  Long, long, long.

Like the other Urium VORS sherries, this combines power and intensity with an easy drinkability. It's a very fine companion to fine food.

19% ABV


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Weight 930 g


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