Callejuela Blanquito – Manzanilla Pasada 50cl


Complex, long-aged Manzanilla oozing the essence of Sanlucar. A rock star Manzanilla.

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Product Description

The oldest of the Callejuela Manzanillas, Blanquito has an average age of 10, and is named for the Blanco brothers' father who founded the bodega.  Wonderful savoury and seaside flavours, a little bitterness and again the stony undercurrents that make these wines the Rolling Stones of our portfolio.  There's the merest hint of oxidation, as the flor is right on the limit of how long it can keep going.  Complex, elegant and eminently drinkable.

Bottled in very limited quantities, by hand, with minimal filtration.

15% ABV


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