New arrival at Sherry Boutique – Santa Petronila

Small is beautiful at Sherry Boutique. All our wines come from small, family-run bodegas who believe in making exceptional sherry. And our newest addition takes small to a whole new level. Santa Petronila is the smallest bodega in the Sherry Triangle, producing extremely limited quantities of stunning long-aged wines.

Santa Petronila is based in a beautiful vineyard house which the owners Agustin and Brita have been running as a Casa Rural for many years. Yes that's right, you can go and stay at the winery! Their 3 hectare vineyard, which the house sits in the middle of, is in the famous pago Macharnudo which is known for making spectacular sherry.

All grapes are hand-harvested, and all the wines (except PX) are fermented in barrel, rather than in stainless steel, adding a layer of additional complexity to the base wine.



Bottling is strictly limited, with each bottling limited to 300 per wine and a maximum of two bottlings per year. All bottles carry their individual number.

Our first wine from Santa Petronila is Fino En Rama. It has an average of 8 years ageing, and is a powerful, complex wine - just what you'd expect from the combination of long age, barrel fermentation andits origins in Macharnudo.  Click here to buy it now, and remember this is a very limited stock - don't miss out!

We also have a very very limited allocation of Cream sherry - please contact us if you're interested in getting your hands on one of our handful of bottles.

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