Limited Edition 2015/2016 Fino En Rama Tasting Pack

fino-tasting-packThere's lots of debate about when is the best time to drink Fino En Rama, and what happens if you let it age in the bottle.  For sure, drinking it shortly after bottling gives you the flavours the winemaker tasted when he or she selected and bottled the wine, but does it get better, worse or just different if you keep it in the bottle for some time?

Many of us sherry anoraks experiment with this, when we can either get our hands on older sacas to compare with the new ones, or when we manage to exercise the necessary self-control to keep a bottle for a year or more!

We quietly kept six half bottles of Cruz Vieja Fino En Rama from the 2015 Spring saca, so that we can now offer a very limited edition tasting pack of one of last Spring's half bottles alongside the freshly bottled Autumn 2016 saca.  No hunting or self-control required, just click here to buy a pack!

We're sure you'll want to make notes when you do the tasting, so each pack comes with a free Sherry Boutique notebook, and of course any pre-Christmas orders also qualify for our foodie treats.

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