About Bodegas Faustino Gonzalez

About Bodegas Faustino Gonzalez

Chela and Jaime

Chela and Jaime, part of the family team running Bodegas Faustino Gonzalez

Bodegas Faustino Gonzalez was founded in 1971, when a local doctor bought soleras dating back to 1758 and moved them to his wife’s bodega in the part of Jerez known as Cruz Vieja – the old cross.  In 2014 his family launched the Cruz Vieja range of sherries, the first time sherries from the bodega have been commercially available.  Each sherry is ‘En Rama’ meaning that it has been bottled without any filtration, clarification or other treatment.  This means that all the flavours and fantastic complexity are retained for you to enjoy.  These are very exclusive sherries, with only 1000 bottles of each type released each year worldwide.  They grace the wine lists of several Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain.

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